Donations: In 2016, the Zia Singers qualified for 501 (c)(3) non profit status which makes your donation tax deductible. So, all donations are greatly appreciated and you would also have the satisfaction of supporting our bi-annual music programs. You can be sure your donation at any level will be put to good use.  We gladly accept donations of cash, check or stock. To make a donation via PayPal or credit card, click here

Tune a Piano: As anyone who has ever owned a piano knows, the instrument needs periodic tuning and maintenance, and a fresh tuning every time it is moved. The Zia Singers appreciate help in paying for these necessary tunings. Pro-bono tuners are welcome and would get credit for their generous donation in programs. Or you may choose to make a donation, helping us to hire a professional tuner.  Want to tune our piano for us?  Send us a note using our Contact Page. Or you can make a gift via PayPal toward tuning our piano by clicking here. 


If you wish to mail a check please send it to The Zia Singers mailing address:

The Zia Singers
PO Box 9528
Santa Fe, NM 87504